In a nutshell, the Gaines stopped doing business with your bank for life and hacked off David Littlewood, big time, David, it seems fancies himself a deputy and a member of the Par’s posse, gunned up, in other words, and with a penchant for getting drunk as a skunk at Ridgewood where he exhibits a bit of a temper from time to time when confronted with unfortunate suspicions about pet murdering and other crazy ass things.

You have two pet, cute crowd pleasing favorite goats, shot downtown right after the Gaines said goodbye to calf implant guy. An animal loving detective puts up $50K to catch the killers and just when it seems they know for sure with evidence who it is, wham, shut down.

Now who would do that for one of his buddies?

Char and Par livin’ it up. Protecting the rich and their buddies, oh, and that pesky little thang Sherre. Whazza matter Char, she won’t do what you want like Parnell does? Irritating, isn’t it?

Every animal lover in town is highly angry over this one. What ass did this and who let him get by with it? You know who.

Par and Char, yeah, he’ll go rescue people’s starving animals but two goats shot for a pissed off little spitfire bad temper banker, hey, just like little Sherre, the Justices, and others, it’s all okay, IF you’re a buddy.

This guy will sell out for some idiot gawddamned lights under his Jeep for crying out loud.

Your Sheriff doesn’t care that his buddy shot the pet goats. Money Money Money.

Taylor Durden on Twitter: "McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara & his  wife Charlotte are at #TheOscars tonight! Watch the Oscars on  @NewsChannel25 tonight at 7:30…"
Goats Like It When You Smile at Them, Science Says

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The ad in the Waco Tribune-Herald offered a $50,000 reward for any information that leads to...

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