THIS is the face of cocaine invincibility. Abel Reyna, who, is now the FACE of the FKUP KNOWN AS TWIN PEAKS. The Court found that Abel acted outside his capacity as DA and became a cop. NO ONE STOPPED HIM.

EVERYONE KNEW and they let it happen. WHISTLEBLOWERS went to the FBI and nothing happened.

Abel Reyna the face of cocaine invincibility gone mad with idiots for followers.

Enjoy, if you can.

The 5th.Circuit has decided that our own Abel Reyna should be the ONLY person sued in the deaths of NINE BIKERS. Once again, there will be NO JUSTICE. Abel doesn’t have the money to pay back all the bikers involved and suing, the Court says that Abel decided to play cops and robbers and the fault is right at his feet, or nose.

What’s going to happen now? Not a damned thing. Just like the Davidians, the bribery, Sherre Johnston DWI’s, Kim Falcone, the Rub and Tug bankers and daddy vaporizing, opportunistic Abel took the opportunities and climbed right on out of any and all responsibility. Just got himself a new life and nothing has or will happen to him.

Let us take a moment here for sentimentality and me this morning as I remember that Vic Feazell was indicted on taking 13 thousand dollars in bribes. $13K.

Everyone here just does what they want if they have money or if they catch someone WITH money and power getting a “massage” at Zang’s. That last tape was a doozie.

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