Wonder who at this table knows who “Holly” is and who doesn’t. Betcha none of the women do, maybe Littlewood’s wife, the others, naw.

Where would you go to get your brother livin’ it up friends to go but a big Hawaiian Vacation for all so they don’t have to sit here in GIlead and watch the fortunes of the rif raf go to hell in an unFDIC insured bank.

Ask Mr. Littlewood, “Hey, Dave, who’s Holly?”

Watch him and at least two others in this photo turn as bright red as Blazeface McGlasson after two cocktails.

When your bank has made questionable loans and has lost a fkton of money, it’s always a good idea to take everyone to Maui and the FAIREMONT at the expense of the bank. Why not, it’ll take them six years to get your a%% to court anyway, party on.


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