The people of Waco are not illiterate, they’re smart, they hear things but what is rumor can be just that here, although when you get right down to it, rumor is a lot more factual and timely than the Trib which is practically dead on the vine IF you can stand all the pop ups and ads for Memory Care and Funeral Homes.

Below is public information put together. Since we have no law here, everyone has to be their own Forensic Accountant, everyone keeps their own records and timelines because there’s no one here that will listen to you anyway.

Money, money, money, we have FACEBOOK Tax Payer sites, they’re not happy.

The cream of the crop is having a damned good time. Most of us here at the bottom can’t even count this high much less imagine a world where you have to pay this back.

Oh, sorry, they don’t.

Where are the Feds? Where are the Bank Examiners? Where is Common Sense? Who has the nads to do something here?????

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