IS TFNB your QANON BANK? Homophobic to the Church goers in Waco yet hanging out at a Gay Ranch and getting his own legs redone to look good to …….well…..who? Other Baylor golfers or circuit boys. Even I know the answer to that one. Party on.

Democrats support “infanticide,” also sharing an article that states that “since Roe, abortion has killed more black babies than the entire black population of the U.S in 1960”

Third-Party Plaintiff’s First Amended Page 5 of 33 Third-Party Petition and Request For Disclosure [390023_1] 12. Third-Party Defendant Littlewood is a rare talent. If we may, he is a genius in many ways. Rather than using social media in a carefully curated and managed way, Third-Party Defendant Littlewood expresses unrestrained personal viewpoints like some sort of odd theatrical inner monologue of a declining mental state, as if characters from the Kesey work were transported to the present time and Nurse Ratched has lost control of the device terminal. 13. Prior to job interviews and high school reunions, social media is often utilized as a tool to understand the image of a person, the image they are trying to portray, and may be able to take a gauge of the authenticity of that image. Right around the time that Third-Party Defendant Littlewood started to increase the frequency and severity of his harassment of Third-Party Plaintiff (as earlier mentioned and later more fully disclosed), Third-Party Defendant Littlewood swept his social media posts (most of which included accounts of shopping in Paris, photos of his own shaved legs, and arm-in-arm pictures with relations where both were clad in spandex) clean, almost in an effort to conceal some set of past incidents of behaviors. Radically, Third-Party Defendant Littlewood has since posted slews of extremist propaganda supporting right-wing policies and ideals, including conspiracy theories, rants in opposition to homosexuality and abortion, and sharing of pro-gun news articles and op-eds. Third-Party Defendant Littlewood is either some sort of conflicted right-wing extremist, perhaps not some sort of militiaman, but more in the vein of Milo Yiannopoulos. Third-Party Defendant Littlewood furthers Queen Gertrude by calling members of the Democratic Party hypocrites, stating in part that democrats support “Infanticide,” also sharing an article that states that “since Roe, abortion has killed more black babies than the entire black population of the U.S. in 1960.” 14. The concept of an image, especially as portrayed on social media, is often explained by underlying psychological concepts. This is no different than a man compensating

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