This is where David Littlewood holds Court, he’s “practically family” if you see a his fancy black Escalade, keep driving, I will. Puke.

The Sheriff and his little suck ups plus the bank boys, well, if a woman’s not STOKING something plus their ego, they are threatened.

THIS is your city, these sneaky men. Our Sheriff is a crook, no way around it. Total.

Someone tried to warn investors, David Littlewood blamed the Beards, even went after FEDEX for delivering packets. They go totally nuts over this, long gone are the days that a local wife mimeographed her story of woe and left the pages under the windshield wipers in the parking lot of Big Dick Freeman’s church crowd at noon.

How do you get the word out about the bullsh%t going on here. Well, you can’t drive and you can’t have any money or family. I haven’t been sued or arrested yet but it seems they specialize in messing with women, old and young.

THIS is an eye opener here. See, I thought they only messed with me, boy, was I wrong.

THIS is your Bank for Life and your Sheriff for life, where are the Feds.

Read this, I dare you.


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