Making fun of hypocrites has been my life’s work, I have a sense of humor, most hypocrites don’t. The RESIDENT EVIL and Selling the Soul to the Devil stuff makes me laugh because it and you are so incredibly blind and stupid.

I make fun of hypocrites.

#2 Friends don’t let friends drive drunk so let’s talk about you as a Church and as Sherre’s “friends”. Most every DWI is one where she says she is coming home from a party. If this is true, what kind of people let an obviously DRUNK and pilled up woman have the keys, time after time. So, if you are so holy that you will take the time to suck up to this situation then to me, you’re not friends.

My sodomite friends wouldn’t let anyone leave any of their parties drunk and drive. Oh, hell no.

You, however, the wonderful friends and family of Sherre Johnston just let her go on, driving drunk with Xanax and a gun time after time so the next time you decide to include me in some kind of prayer chain or pity party, or make yourselves feel good that you have hair extensions and I’m old, go and fool yourselves some more.

Friends don’t let friends drive drunk if I was Sherre’s friend, this shit wouldnt’ve happened eight or so times. Go be holier than the rest of us.


  1. Perhaps Sherre is some kind of Westwood sacrifice that Truman and Parnell intervene and save her over and over again

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