Great, we’re getting new Courts and political good ole boy appointments, can’t wait.


Aaah, those created Judgships, wonderful. Now we get Scott Feldon and the Commissioners to appoint some Judges along with our Governor. We have nothing notable except those who are waiting for their turn in DeCluitt, the one who has trouble making a living in Will Hutson, two people I have never heard of and will support as they’re not some suck up I already know.

THEN THERE’S RALPH STROTHER. Like a really bad sequel or the movie wrap up of DEADWOOD, it’s frightening. Yeah, we want the guy who let the BAYLOR RAPIST OFF back again. Oh, great, how old will Ralph be by then, 80?

It’s not too late for someone brilliant, brave, and without a prenup or bad AVVO rating to jump on out there, oh, please save us from this. You say new Court Opening up, I am semtimental and remember 25 years of Walter Smith, yes, that was Federal but we can’t ever seem to rid ourselves of these Judges. Case in point, RALPH for crying out loud.

Say it isn’t so. NO. Ohmygawd, this is depressing. Read the Trib and just weep.

THIS folks is “SCARED STRAIGHT” , tell the kids to behave, the system is going to hell.


Ralph wants to be your Judge again, he’s forgotten the name Jacob Andersen, and all the flaky shenanigans we’ll never know called the case of the Baylor Rapist. Oh, yeah, that Ralph Strother. Fabulous.

Judge Ralph Strother: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know | Heavy.com

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