They were not hacked, is Chris DeCluitt

No, they have another dreaded Problem, they have a Sherre problem., like Covid 19 affects men over 50 and women over 50 seem to fight it off.

Kristi posts on her facebook, My family has been maliciously hacked. THIS IS A TOTAL LIE. See how easy it is for Kristi to throw someone else under the bus while knowing full well the hacker, is her husband. NIce.

Chris DeCluitt, jumped on out there and wrote some shit he can’t walk back, he lied and said he was hacked.

He used his own email address and then just boldly lied to everyone and THREATENED me with legal action. Uh oh.

IT seems that Chris DeCluitt,, got himself into a little trouble flirting with one Sherre J, one thing leads to another and Chris takes up for her in a brilliant post about this writer and his now dead daddy.

Unfortunately for DeCluitt, he decided to bring in the DECLUITT FAMILY to cover himself or hell, maybe Kristi was in there too, obviously, they don’t know the Ethics Rule State Bar 15.02.

If you are a prosecutor, working as an employee for the STATE OF TEXAS you do not get to comment on people or situations where there is a pending case in the DA’s office. Nope. Even the holiness of Woodway Baptist doesn’t make that one go away. it’s NOT DONE. IT’s a Grievance Offense and, since now the DeClitt’s are posting how they’ve been “maliciously hacked”, no

You weren’t hacked you just can’t find a decent way to walk the bullshit back. Chris did it and you’re all screaming you were Hacked.

Was there anything else, what on else did YOU do? I didn’t do a thing, didn’t write any letters against her appointments or interfere in her election, I thought she’d make a great judge. I wrote and had others to write against the idiot David Hodges, not Kristi. Now, however, I will write against all the DeCluitts. You lie too easily, your political hunger is over the top and kind of embarrassing.

I’ve been hacked, you caught your husband chatting it up with Sherre, and he doesn’t care what you think because his ass prenupped your ass.

You wanted people to feel sorry for you and your family for getting maliciously hacked YOU brought in your “family” the little ones, so sad, to shield you from what the hell is really going on, you and Chris got tangled up in some bullshit, used your own email address and it came back to bite you on your entitled asses. You need that Woodway Christian vote so you’ll just fk anyone who gets in your way, except I wasn’t in your way.

Chris just decided to chat up Sherre and have some flirt fun, probably a phone call or two, Sherre has CHRIS up there, Chris DeCluitt is Sherre’s little trophy. I was friends with Sherre’s mom and Chris’ mom, hello, where is Freud when you need him. Issues?????

So Chris is young and fine looking, when I was with his dad, that “Young Elvis” was thirty six, so I see where Sherre would be highly attracted, much more so than having to look at 76 year old Truman, or John even. Maybe Sherre doesn’t like “older men” after all.

Needless to say, after many of the DeCluitt friends who I am friends with also found out the culprit “”, they let Kristi know (hehe) no one believed the shit anyway, lip service was fun for a while. So people write Kristi and tell her the address of the hacker and guess what, Kristi takes down the post. Awww shucks.

CHRIS AND KRISTI LIED about bullshit that doesn’t even matter, without remorse, and they doubled down. They lied. They tried to get sympathy and to distract people from the truth by yelling “malicious hack”, they hide behind their children, I didn’t do this shit.

Have I said, “fk you” enough here?

Very Christian. Just lie. Save yourselves, make yourselves look good.

It’s just all about you, isn’t it Kristi and Chris? Sure enough.

They got caught and talked to and now they don’t quite know what to do, now had it been me I’dve apologized but, hey, obbiously I’m the daughter of satan so, they just lied.

DeClluitts’ lie badly, they put shit on other people, and neither of them belong in office.

This is Parler QAnon Sherre Johnston, think not, look at her TWITTER ACCOUNT. Maybe Kristi and Chris have a LOT in common with her.

If anyone needs a gun and a driver’s license is nine time DWI Sherre Johnston, she posts these gun pics as a warning too, they mean, look at me, I can even kill you but I am the Sheriff’s baby.

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