Dougl DeCluitt was one violent drunk. He made a lot of enemies, Chris just threatens the poor ones, Doug, the dad, got himself one bitter enemy years ago when he got day drunk at a party and rode the horse of his employer so hard and so fast that he actually rode the horse to death. Now THIS caused a bigger stir than Sherre’s panties ever did and the rest is legal history.

Now Chris, in an effort to have a nice, clean, Christian image so that pre nupped Kristi can make her own money, he seems to have forgotten the times Doug beat his mother, me, other people, and was one really mean mfkr and rode a prized horse to death without one bit of remorse.

THIS is the DeCluitt family, they lie to cover up what they do.

They certainly lied and decided that a nine time DWI Sheriff’s shack job was worth jumping out there.

THEN they lied and decided they were “Hacked”, hacked by Christopher DeCluitt’s own email, duhh crossfit@harrystorm

The DeCluitts will do or say anything to get to be big frogs in this little pond.

Real Republican Christianity here.

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