UPDATE TUESDAY The Christopher DeCluitt comment to Sherre is gone, so is the one to me, well, it’s off my page, I still have it.

Uh oh, Chris may be Sherre’s first man not in uniform….hmmm

Pampered, petted, over educated, main source of income INHERITANCE, never filed a lawsuit in his life, wants us all to believe in his good Christian values, well, he and Kristi will just LIE a out being hacked at first blush. Day drinking? I think so. Trying to walk this back was a real pain in the ass and they got caught lying. Oh, hell just throw a poor person on out there. They can because they’re rich, they’re not used to someone NOT being afraid of them and their inherited entitled money and power.

How’d that day drinking and texting little Sherre’s panties go for you?

Christopher DeCluitt - President - The Sovereign Corporation | LinkedIn

Do not say anything about my dead mother or father.

Does this include photos, receipts from hospitals where DeCluitt paid the bill for beating up a woman, hospital details where Rob Angel, then then head of the Republican Party was the attending doctor?

Can we talk about when Doug DeCluitt rode the prized horse of his employer to death making himself an enemy for life?

Is telling people about Kristi’s PRENUP an offense you can sue me for?

While we’re at it, Doug DeCluitt had a prenup on his wife before he died too, yep, the DeCluitt men don’t want to share.

Doug DeCluitt was a wife beater, womanizer, drunk, and ruthless bastard. He went to his grave with a small scar on his face which was actually a defensive wound from when one woman fought back.

Nell DeCluitt knew about the womanizing, hell, Doug was having an affair with the neighbor girl too, BUT, the neighbor, let’s call her Betsy, wound up marrying someone with bigass money so the upwardly mobile Chris DeCluitt doesn’t mention her. Nell DeCluitt was tired of being beaten, now suddenly to Chris, Daddy is a saint. Well, he wasn’t.

DeCluitt v DeCluitt is a public lawsuit, public document, for Chris to write and threaten me with a lawsuit, well, fuck you.

I doubt if Chris DeCluitt has EVER filed a lawsuit in his life, he just stepped right into inheriting from Rich Daddy now dead Doug.

Sue me, I’ll depose you too.

The DeCluitts lie to save themselves, they want to be loved and elected to office.

We’ve been hacked, no you have been caught.

How really stupid are the two of you?

Or did Chris just want to get into those HOT Sherre panties along with the rest of the town??????

Bring it.

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