Now I am concerned, Kristi, public figure, DeCluitt has revealed that she has been a HACK victim. Ohmygawd. Well, I suggest that if you have been hacked on a SHERRE JOHNSTON or RESIDENT EVIL site, the very first place I’d run would be to Parnell McNamara on this one. Yep, I am sure that he’ll be real interested on WHO THE HELL Hacked you on a Sherre site. Ohmygawd. How about Truman Simons, give him a call, bet he has information on whose doing it. I mean, it is a case of mistaken identity so he’s in there.

Go to Sherre’s original site, the only comment she leaves up is Christopher DeCluitt, click on his icon and there you are.


If Sherre Johnston might have done it, well, go see Parnell, come on.

He’ll put David Johnson or Steve January right on that.

Uh huh.

Love this.

No description available.

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