WHEN will this pick and choose sorry excuse for a journalist retire?

The Witherspoon/Parnell love fest goes on again as the front page of the paper has the Sheriff’s department tearing through earth to find remains of a victim. Nice. Belongs on the front page too, yes, it does. There is no argument with this story, no, they problem is that Tommy Witherspoon who is about the last man standing at the Trib is madly in love with PAR and Parnell McNamara did more than one favor for Tommy Witherspoon wayyy back when Tommy f-ed up with the Davidian thing. If you don’t remember, let us run Tommy and the paper up that flagpole again, because they never published it here.


Lillie Hefele’s cold case deserves the Front Page of this paper, if you notice at the end of the article about the cold case in the Trib, Captain January asks for tips from the public, something they certainly don’t want in HEFELE.

Ask yourself, WHY the Sheriff’s department just doesn’t want to talk to good ole boy Junior Sheriff Tommy and put a nice article in the paper about how they’re running the DNA.

Shhhhhhhh, they want this to go away.

It won’t

Shame on this newspaper, is this a favor to our Sheriff? Or are Mexican women just not important in Tribland?


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