Uh oh

Certainly has a lot of boy toys for $115K suddenly

This all started over the Dunn guns, I published the very suspicious and “sketchy” Pawn Ticket from EZ Pawn showing where our Sheriff pawned $5K worth of guns, that didn’t belong to him. He took offense to that, and the story about moving his dead brother, plus the passed around Sherre Johnston who went scott free with SIX DWI’s, unlawfully carrrying a weapon, burglarizing the Sheriff’s shed, showing up drunk to jail, and then having a controlled substance, a pill of some such up her cooch.

Sheriff also didn’t want you hearing the 911 call which, yes, I happily brought you and which has caught on and now is on youtube and other places because Waco is just eat up with hypocrites, adulterers, and corrupt officials.

Sheriff didn’t do a thing about Johnny Ash threatening me, twice, in writing, he has copies, went in person way back in 2017.

Sheriff didn’t do a thing about Sherre Johnston either, we all have photos with a .45 don’t we? Oh, hell yes.

BEST of all, Sheriff TOOK THE LILLIE HEFELE CASE and buried it for his buddy, Mr. Second on the Host list of his fundraiser, Johnny Ash.

$75,326.37 salary year to date for Stooge and butt kiss Captain Steve January doesn’t do a thing to help either, like explain “official oppression” to a fool who can’t take tests himself and walked in covering up more cat pooh than Fuzzy Friends.

Par, who has made 115,26624 so far this year doesn’t like questions either about his newly found toys. Can’t decide if he budgets himself well, or the old reliable “Charlotte gave it to me”, b.s. Either way the new RV alone costs almost as much as he makes a year and if there’s a bank in town giving out loans to 74 year old men, please let us all know.

Parnell instead went to the trouble to get his old buddy, the great intellect, Bill Johnston, who Par has gotten help from in the past, we will soon post the monies from those, however, we don’t find one from 2019 or 2020 showing that Johnston billed ole Par for his consultation about Berni Feazell and the Dunn guns, see it can be a FELONY, and that’s what McNamara wanted for me, not ole Sherre, nope, a 72 year old woman who exposed him moving his dead or dying brother’s body.

Since no one will tell PARNELL that the entire town is adding up his toys and they don’t ad up to his pay, everyone knows whazzup.


Now, the Travis County Sheriff’s department has given me the file against me, and it is marked……..


Parnell is now exposed for the wretched, greedy, oppressive, sneaky person and Sheriff he is.

He filed a complaint against me for publishing his address off a pawn ticket where he unlawfully pawned guns NOT HIS, and thought that was ok. Now, it isn’t, officially.

Notice he didn’t drop it after my son died in December, oh, no, not ole Par, he kept trying till it got dropped by people obviously smarter than him and his cronie Bill.

Shame on you.


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