Kristi DeCluitt

Susan Kelly

Let us, as WOMEN, support the women who are running for 54th. Court appointment, against the men who have the “fix” in for David Hodges. DO NOT LET THEM DO THIS to a woman. Do not let them play this game with another intelligent, formidable and deserving woman. Do we want another old, foul faced, 70 year old in this Judgeship? With ALL HIS SPECIAL friends, no.

Kristi DeCluitt and Susan Kelly have towed the mark, done their time, paid their dues and DESERVE a chance at this position. No one, man or woman deserves to walk into some predestined Kingship designed by the “powers that be” we’ve heard about and now know not only that they do exist but we know who they are.

Do not let them push women around again. I, for one, am tired of “there there” , and thinking we are stupid. We are not. We see what’s up and it’s up to us to stop this runaway power trip train!

Do you want another mean, snarkly, answer to no one politician? Do you think that having a Judge who worked for SCRAM ankle monitors, be UP for the permanent position where he doles out SCRAM ankle monitors without letting US know if HE is on the payroll or not? No. Conflict of interest, plus he’s mean as a snake and if you think you want to look at the face of the Cryptkeeper from HBO for a few years, just tune into ZOOM when Hodges is on the docket.

Snake eyes, and this time it ain’t lucky, it’s mean and if the GOOD OLD BOYS get their way, he’s in without even a thought.

Do not let them do this to Kristi, Susan, or any other candidate.

Fight against this, write Governor Abbott, below and tell him you want the good old boys system in this County stopped!

No more. Stand up against this now.


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