Do you really believe “they’ve” got the cigar etc. and are running it at the DPS lab? Barry Johnson said so on KWTX but is someone lying to him? We certainly think so.

A Public Information Request has been sent to the lab and the next move will be for ALL the people threatened by the real killer(s) to demand the reopening of the murder.

THEY DO NOT EVEN NEED THE DNA, the facts are clear and there are witnesses waiting to be questioned by the illustrious Captain Steve January, who seems to be quite happy with his nose up Parnell’s RV hanging out in Galveston all Summer.

Beth Branlett, well, they were all over that Cold Case AND the perp, according to them, at least, is dead.

THE MEN THAT MURDERED LILLIE HEFELE ARE HERE, they’re just fine, they are protected by your Sheriff to the point that NO DNA in over three years because your Sheriff is scared it will come back to Johnny or Joe Ash.

IF I was accused of murder, I’d go and give a mouth swab.

Johnny? Joe? Come on and show the world what a fool I am…………….

hmmm……guess not.


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