As we wait for the DNA to be run on Lillie Hefele, with the definite thought that the DPS actually having the DNA is a lie, Lubbock phone caller boy seems to have been pegged for a murder in his younger day. Seems to me if you’re anyone but a buddy of our Sheriff you can’t get away with murder.

In March, the glorious Captain January told KWTX’s Paul Gately, “We’re going to re interview the witnesses..” Well, that didn’t happen. Isn’t going to happen either.

WHY? Because the man who probably did it is a friend of our Sheriff AND is a big contributor. BIG.

SO, while waiting for Sheriff McNamara and Captain Steve January to CARE about a tiny dead Mexican woman from HERE, I began to re interview witnesses myself. Interestingly enough, NO ONE has contacted them. Nope. No BIg Steve January, and certainly no iconic Sheriff McNamara. Nope. None.

WHY? Because they don’t care, and they like the money and other considerations they are receiving from covering up this murder.


After talking to many witnesses, Lillie’s friends and family it would seem that indeed someone special in Waco seems to have been protected since 1980 as NOTHING and NO ONE has been talked to. NO ONE.

Lillie Hefele died for 350K in insurance money to pay off gambling debts her husband, then John Hancock insurance agent, Gerhardt Hefele had run up to “bookies”.


“This shows how dangerous this can be, when you are out there working some of these case when you think you are just trying to arrest a sex buyer, but you don’t know you might have run up on a killer,” Sheriff Parnell McNamara said.

Yeah, Sheriff this shows how dangerous people can be and sometimes you don’t have to run up on a killer, you merely have a campaign cocktail party with one.


Andy Castillo

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