You knew this was bound to happen

Reports from the jail tell of inmates bored and out of control bullying one another and calling one another insensitive names of female body parts mentioned by Trump if they sanitize their hands. It’s herd immunity time over at County. Seems the problem is overwhelming and the already depressed inmates have begun to get some gallows humor going and are just daring one another to get it. Yes, some are isolated but others suspect it’s already there and it’s like the Swedish Herd Immunity Experiment gone microcosmic in McLennan County.

This is a report, small in comparison to other things going on in the World, in our Country, and Bellmead with that guy that keeps getting out and having sex with dogs, don’t get me started, but another consideration and sad impact of a virus in times gone crazy.

It would seem that a steady diet of bologna, Big Red casseroles with Cheetos, and other delights from the Commissary may not be the “eat for health” regimen most of us can at least accomplish and this is a sad thing that certainly won’t help the situation.

“We didn’t have no hand sanitizer when I was in County”….Kenneth McDuff Rosebud, Texas

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