One would think that somewhere up at the top of the Texas Rangers there was someone with some sense, someone who knew that Bob Prince probably wasn’t going to look very good in ANY way conceivable on Netflix’s THE CONFESSION KILLER. Ole Bobby never has been handsome, or thin, he has the lips of a fish, and the body of an overstuffed sausage. His multi fold belly lopping over his proud Ranger belt buckle while anyone with a brain is wondering how on earth this guy even breathes he is so morbidly obese.

During the 80’s I got to be around this crew of good old boys, most of whom you could consider naming your German Shepherd dog after, BOB PRINCE, “here boy”, Bill Gun, Lefty Block, they all sound like big guy with big other big parts coming after you and it wasn’t going to end well.

Phil Ryan looked like a holdover from an evening at the China Buffet and his shirt was too small, he looked as though he was being choked. However, he lied and danced around and heaven knows they can NEVER, ever say they were even a teenie weenie bit wrong about Henry Lucas.

Nope can’t do it.

Hell, somewhere there is someone in law enforcement who actually LET Bob Prince and Phil Ryan get ON NETFLIX and look like fools AGAIN after all these years. Just roll them out one more time and think that folks are going to suck up that Ranger, yep he did it Kool-Aid again on this NETFLIX series.

Didn’t happen yet they didn’t and will NEVER acknowledge that at the very, very least they really f*cked it up.

One thing about the Rangers, they don’t throw a Scapegoat up there, naw, they love one another too much, no, no Scapegoat, they just destroy everyone else who knows anything against a brother Ranger.

NETFLIX THE CONFESSION KILLER, watch it and realize that it’s only worse, that they’re proud of their record with Lucas, that no one who messed this up in law enforcement ever got an unpaid day off, that what they did to people goes on forever, and it’s just worse now.

Be afraid, be very afraid.


THIS is Bob Prince, narcissist, bully, never wrong, AND photogenic.

Bob Prince - IMDb


  1. He’s a disgrace to law enforcement. To treat families of the victim in the way he did, he should hang his head in shame. He’s pathetic.

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