Tom Pauken, that idiot is still out there alive and well running his anti abortion, father of 7 or 8 children thing into the ground with the Republicans. Knocking up his wife 8 times is his claim to fame and that was 50 years ago so he’s gone a long way not believing in birth control. At one point he ran KRZI in Wacko and we had to listen to him daily on his “talkin with Pauken”. What a revolting man he was in person. Obviously heterosexual, liked sex with females but not females. Well, females that didn’t know their place, knocked up with one on the hip and one on the ground. Grrreat, love it. The old “barefoot and pregnant” man from the 50’s.

He took on John Ben Sutter in one of his rants and back then they had the equal time law where you could demand the same amount of time, John Ben got raked by Pauken and Pauken got one upped for sure by Sutter. In today’s Episode, Vic has John Ben’s retort and other pretty fascinating things that happened in the 80’s and things haven’t gotten one bit better, nope.

Law enforcement is a brotherhood that does what it wants without any thought at all, then and now.

This is a great Episode, this sh*t really happeed.

It probably didn’t make any of us any better, it didn’t me, for sure, but it did make us smarter. The unfortunate part is that we fought, we won, and “they” learned nothing. Still want YOU to believe ole Henry Lee killed women all over the U.S. at 150 pounds, five foot seven. Right? It is amaing to me that the Rangers still let Bob Prince, who must field dress at 400 pounds get in front of a NETFLIX camera and defend Lucas over and over again, nope, they are never wrong. EVER.

They can’t understand why those stupid people didn’t just take their word for it years ago and go on with their lives. DNA, what a pain in the Ranger’s butts that must be, all these cases cleared by Lucas now having the REAL killers found, some via DNA and some by confessions plus DNA.

Rangers can’t understand WHY after giving families Henry as the killer they just couldn’t move on.

THINK of the lives these Rangers ruined. They don’t care either, they would do it all over again just like they did it before.

God help us all.

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