christonacupcake, I had no idea Margaret Moore teamed up with that airhead Mindy Montford, no wonder all manner of crazy happened. OH, you’ll love this stuff.

Mindy Montford, Margaret Moore the M&M’s of Mayhem. Who the hell knew?

Travis DA candidate Margaret Moore taps Mindy Montford to join ...

Now this is some sh*t. Margaret Moore, well, all the old people here grew up with Margaret Moore, and, of course, her dad, Tom, and her wonderful eccentric mother, Natalie Moore, who was so incredible that the Waco Trib didn’t print her date of birth in September of 1982 when she died, see, no one actually knew when she was born, a somewhat very well guarded Natalie Moore secret.

Tom and his entire family, of course Margaret, were Yellow Dog Democrats, and considered very liberal.

Don’t go all Liberal Hating nuts on me yet, I’m going somewhere with this and no, I’m not an Austin Liberal. I think the people living on the streets is just about the most stupid idea there every was with the exception of building the ARCH center downtown where you can get assaulted by the homeless. Smmmart.

Where I am going is that the downfall of Margaret Moore wasn’t from the Austin American Statesman, or the Altered Statesman as some would call it, no. Margaret went down because she was outed by the Austin Chronicle. The Chronicle, a pesky little gossip paper and leftover from the Hippie Days, now back with the real news.

See, first the corrupted politician gets outed, just like brave people outed Margaret Moore, she obviously was going over and had gone over to the DARK SIDE needless to say, read the article I won’t insult you if you’re interested go for it, the whole thing hurts me yet in a funny way gives me hope that WE can get rid of corruption by outing our corrupt politicians and then voting them OUT.

Whether you like it or not the younger people outnumber the old Baby Boomers in Austin and 681,000 people are signed up to vote THERE. Young people figure we messed it up for them and they’re ready to take it back, and I am thankful. They have no faith in the media, government or much of anything else and that makes me happy.

So while you are watching the “lights of Mexia” for outer space vehicles with the number of the FAA right there ready to go,  remember, it started off as a little tiny underground anti Abel Reya movement, and a 20% unexpected landslide for a man labeled “not one of us” by his opponent thank goodness, Barry Johnson.

We have new judges coming in, Ralph is leaving, not soon enough and that mean Judge Matt Johnson won’t be around hopefully either.

We cannot let Judge David Hodges appointed, that’s the next move in the “legacy” agenda.

Look out public officials, fun time is over.














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