Anonymous letters, anonymous evidence, entire city held hostage by generational legacies and recognizable names.  Looks like soon the Sheriff will have his way, another term, not a one brave soul out there to “buck” the old man, rumors an entire town knows it’s true while we watch Parnell sing and tap dance as if it doesn’t matter what he does, because, obviously, it doesn’t.

RETIREMENT, aaah, the money, when you’re in debt to Community Bank it pays to be a winner everyone on the bank board agrees with and loves, oh, and it’s reciprocal.

LEGACY. Well, that used to mean something. It meant the “real deal”, well, we don’t have that anymore, no more real deals, just Prom Queen Sheriff, mean as hell Judges, a jail that forgets to turn on the heat in the wintertime, and if you aren’t a recognizable name from a wealthy family, you’re pretty much going to be in the “system” with ankle jewelry, fees, and years of fear.

ADVICE. This hurts me to tell you, but if you go to jail, your best bet is to just stay there. No probation, no “deals”, no “lawyers”, no Judges who get the plea bargains from the prosecutors then do whatever they want.

God gave them “the money”, and God gave them “the power”, they are the right arm of the avenging God and we had all best just look out.


They ruin peoples lives forever. There are no checks and balances in place. No TIPS lines, they don’t care about what YOU see going on around you just WHO you are.

Here is an interview from last week between Harry and Jim Parks, after an anonymous letter was sent to him from someone, obviously, in the Sheriff’s department.

Poor REAL working people tired of seeing the corruption from within, can’t quit, got to put up with it to keep their families supported so they see the way it is, WHO gets promoted and who doesn’t.

You can bet till the deadline to run for Sheriff comes and goes, we will be hearing and seeing a lot from the desperate praying for a new boss.



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