Well, well, looks like someone is brave enough to answer Harry’s questions and it isn’t the Sheriff, we’d like to thank whomever for the anonymous good stuff that, yes, we do investigate before printing not that we care very much anymore.

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Fresh from KSLA, which must stand for K-SALSA we got us one hot blonde named Rissa Shaw.  For those of us with a long memory for memorable wild love affairs, we must pause and remember the famous “I wish I was in Dixie”, with Dixie Huey in the horse barn, then “Anchors Away” when two KCEN anchors just threw caution to the wind and ran off to Oklahoma and came back to then Police Chief Larry Scott’s roadblock looking for them as all of Wacko thought they were kidnapped. A CURRENT AFFAIR had a party with that one, now we have Rissa Shaw.

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Silly me, people just used to shake hands and be friends but now it seems it’s back to the plain, old fashioned, sex to seal a deal. Or get out of jail. Or to get one chick to not make a big deal out of the death threat of another chick as in below. See Rissa Shaw got threatened by little Sherre Whitney, a flyer was put out and then WHAM, all quiet, nothing on tv. People calling ole Harry a Liar again.

Didn’t make sense did it?

Rissa Shaw

Risssssa Risssa Risssa, ignored a little this drank a little too much maybe, got into a vulnerable situation………not to mention your coworkers hate you and you don’t know it…..sad.

Case in point, that nice John Carroll…….here’s an email conversation



This is from John Carroll, it says, ” Have you not heard about Rissa and three Sheriff deputies in a travel trailer at salsa festival? I think you should. I’m about to myself


john 01

John 5John 6


So basically, just like another blonde, Rissa controls and is controlled by the S.O.

Answers a few questions for me.




  1. Oh Harry… You’re very cryptic…I’m intrigued by these posts but I am also completely lost 🤷‍♀️

    1. KWTX won’t write shit about Parnell that’s bad. Now they have Tommy Witherspoon there, fat, ugly has been with bad liver I’m sure, AND Rissa Shaw is a badge bunny like little Sherre. She and a bunch of deputies got it on at the fair. Rissa has a daughter it is said by a DPS Trooper. At least they have to have a waist 36 or under…..bwaaah. Rissa loves Par and the boys.

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