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There it was, right in front of us, RIGHT FROM THE AUTOPSY get-go, and we never saw it.


Were we too distracted by the fact that JILL AND GAYLE DID NOT LOOK ALIKE?

Truman and Vic certainly thought so and made us think it too.  In fact, when Gayle Kelley testified, Vic got Jill’s mom and aunt to “help her with her makeup” so she’d look as much like Jill as possible.

Truman and Vic wanted us to “get off it”, to Truman and Vic the fact that Jill’s bustline was probably 42″ or more, and Gayle was flat as the proverbial pancake.

In fact, Jill was extremely self conscious about it.

Truman and Vic wanted “the women” to think that the menfolk, don’t look at a woman’s chest first thing and know the difference between “breasts”, hell, “big breasts”, and no breasts.

David Spence wouldn’t have noticed a girl’s breasts.  Right?

So, while we fight with Truman and Vic over breasts, the no blood on anyone but their own slipped right by to the death chamber in Huntsville.

Truman and Gayle Kelley went by the way.  Gayle says Truman didn’t watch but “she did”, she said Truman told her to watch him die because she was too stupid to even know the danger she was in from Deeb.

No sh*t.

Below is another YOUTUBE by young fresh people who are interested in the facts and not the epic story of bullshit.


Enjoy the reality of the facts without the bullshit.


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