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UPDATE 10/16/2019

He got away with it again. HOW? Because I published his social security number and home address.  It’s against the law to put a Law Enforcement Officer’s social security number and home address on the internet.

I did it. I am ready for him to take a case to Barry Johnson and am more than willing to spend the time in the McLennan County jail.

I find no shame in doing the time if you did the crime, I can do it without getting drunk and hiding Xanax on my person, no special room, I am just a citizen, not an old girlfriend with six DWI’s.  In fact, I don’t expect or ask for special treatment, such things make me really angry.

NO, Parnell, didn’t call me, he got Captain January to do it, you know Parnell cannot stand confrontation. bwahhhh. He also doesn’t know what to do with a woman if he’s not coming on to her or impressing her.

Parnell has told many people stories about him talking to me. I have NEVER met him, never met Mike, on purpose, the man always gave me bad juju.

Now he did get his wife to call me and try to deny he moved his dead brother’s body, however, when I found out that Charlotte didn’t even bother to listen to that glowing 911 call, in my book we had nothing to talk about.

EVIDENCE talks, bullshit walks, obviously it walks right into an elected position year after year by bullying people and taking stuff that’s not yours.

SO, by having an investigation of ME and ME publishing HIS social and address THEY decided THEY didn’t have to turn this over to the DA’s office or the ATTORNEY GENERAL as demanded by law.

Cute, huh?

Wonder if Mike Dixon, the County lawyer was in on this …..

Won’t help.

SO, whatever I did is more heinous than stealing guns and a gun safe, I should answer to the crime.

Hmmm. Guess I should have burgled his shed ………


Riding herd on the lawless all the way to the Pawnshop with your guns                                           parnell


Anyone so stupid as to hock someone else’s guns without permission doesn’t deserve my vote, that’s for sure.  THIS is amazingly, pinch me, are you sure, who knew, fkng stupid and true.  TRUE.  You cannot make this sh*t up and sure enough your Sheriff, the well loved cowboy hologram Parnell McNamara did this to some people.  Surely did, then they were somewhat scared into keeping quiet.  Another day at the McNamara/County beach, right?

If you think for one moment the ATF won’t love this, think again.  They’re the ones in charge of guns and pawn shops.  Yep.  Harry used to work in a Pawn Shop and this, well, this sh*t is just wrong on oh, so many levels.

Somewhere in here he went to the Dark Side and now, well, it’s over.

We will also get to see what our District Attorney is made of also.  We know he’s honest, now we need some bravery to stop the b.s.

QUESTION:  Don’t you know that just kissing up to someone isn’t a good thing?  When you at the Sheriff’s department, January, David Kilcrease, stopped being accountability partners, you became accessories to all manner of stuff.  Well, can’t wait till someone from a higher authority asks you some rough questions about what the hell you people have done.

People here are tired of you, tired of corruption, tired of hypocrites.  We beat Reyna before we even had the amount of people we do now.  We demand better.
Jun 19 at 9:09 AM
Sheriff’s Department Internal Affairs
McLennan County
901 Washington Avenue
Waco, Texas 76701
Dear Internal Affairs,
Enclosed please find unequivocal evidence that Sheriff Parnell McNamara, for his own gain, did pawn guns that did not belong to him at Cash America.  The evidence opens the door to numerous felonious crimes and crimes against the interest of the people of the State of Texas, it is obvious and egregious.
Because this is a request for an investigation of Sheriff Parnell McNamara, I am bound by law to open a complaint with the Internal Affairs Divison of the McLennan County Sheriff’s department, Internal Affairs is then bound by law to turn this matter over to the McLennan County District Attorney’s office or the Office of the Attorney General.
Witnesses, evidence, and other information is available to either the Attorney General’s Office or District Attorney’s Office.
CC:  Barry Johnson
219 N 6th St #200, Waco, TX 76701
CC:  ATF Dallas
1114 Commerce St Room 303, Dallas, TX 75242
CC:  Ken Paxton

300 W. 15th Street Austin, TX 78701.

  • Dunn guns
  • Larry Dunn 2
  • Larry Dunn 3

larry dunn 4


  1. No pawn shop is giving $500 on most of those guns, if any. Like the Taurus’s msrp isn’t $500. Either the store is getting a kickback or these documents are false.

    He has too many goons that’ll wipe his ass for his approval to be doing this stuff himself, anyways he’s too busy with things like jet boat training but it didn’t cost his great citizens a dime.

    Now the county truck he drives that cost more then that jet boat on the other hand, that’s a necessary tax payer expense, he might have to save a small group of cancer kids from a muddy creek one day on his way home from saving an old lady from slipping on a banana peel that he threw out.

  2. After I was beaten I immediately called the Sheriff’s Office and asked for internal affairs. Was informed there was no internal affairs I then asked for officer boasts supervisor turns out to be a sergeant Wolfe. Never got a call back then was given a Lieutenant’s number same thing.

    State Bar complaints have been sent on several of the District Attorney’s crooked staff.

    I was threatened in court to take a deal or I would be removed from said Court. I showed attorney Thomas jump the Texas Transportation code showing you only need a minimum of two brake lights yet instead of saying well done case dismissed he freezes up and states that must be a federal law and not a local? I advised him Federal would certainly Trump any local law. I drove 200 miles because judge Pete Peterson denied my motion after I clearly provided the section of the transportation code and ask for a dismissal so I would not have to drive 400 miles it was denied so I show up fully expecting to be exonerated only to be threatened to be hauled out of the courtroom. I then asked him to get Pete Peterson to rule on this and he could not walk 15 feet and read the code I would have to come back for a trial.

    This Waco corruption is running rampant

    • It is incredible here. They can get away with it so easily they have gotten sloppy and STILL no one does a thing. When there is no evidence the combination of lazy crooked lawyers plus a threatening DA proves to be too much. Push them to trial and they fold like a tent though. Worst county in Texas.

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