While Tommy Witherspoon writes about a teacher who got sixty years  for taking pictures of little girls, an email from Reicher high school goes out saying only that Michael Witherspoon, son of Tommy the reporter, is abruptly and strangely gone from his position at Reicher as a girls volleyball coach known as “Coach Creepy.”




Parents and Students,

This is to notify you that Coach Michael Witherspoon has resigned his positions with Reicher Catholic High School. I would like to thank Coach Witherspoon for his years of service and contributions to Reicher. We all pray that God will bless him as he moves onward.

Coach Robert Gough, current US History and Economics & Government teacher, will teach World History for the remainder of the year. Coach Tyler Holcomb will teach World Geography and Strength & Conditioning for the remainder of the year. Coach Holcomb taught World Geography the two years he was employed at Reicher previously.


Mindy Taylor


St. Louis-Reicher Catholic School

A former elementary school teacher in Central Texas has been sentenced to 60 years in prison on numerous child-porn charges.

Jeremy Luke Adler(Texas Attorney General's Office)
Jeremy Luke Adler
(Texas Attorney General’s Office)

Jeremy Luke Adler, 38, pleaded guilty Tuesday to 12 counts of possession of child pornography and two counts of promotion of child pornography, KCEN-TV reported.

Adler, who was a fourth-grade teacher at Cedar Ridge Elementary School in Waco, had remained in the McLennan County jail since his arrest in January 2018.


So,  Tommy Witherspoon is so “in” with the “they”, even though he wasn’t “born here.”  He can say what he wants to anyone and now is the King of the near empty Newsroom where he alone has the power.

The Trib and Tommy Witherspoon have the power to ASK the questions.

#1.  What happened to the Rub and Tug cases, Parnell?

That doesn’t happen and it’s because Parnell and ole Tommy got “real” close doing favors for one another starting back during the Davidian mess up and if you have NEVER read the following article, ask yourself why.  It’s because THEY didn’t want you to see it.  It’s when Tommy Witherspoon became a “permanent” employee.  He cost them MILLIONS.

#2.  Hey, Parnell, what happened to those cases against Sherre Johnston?  What kind of pill was it that they seized last August?  Those “tests” you say “take so long” run yet?

Tommy Witherspoon, Sherre Johnston, Truman Simons, buddy buddies


#3.  Hey, Judge Scott Felton, isn’t John Erwin your ex brother in law?

Image result for John Erwin Waco, Texas

We are “farmed”, “controlled”, the fake news IS a person, one Tommy Witherspoon.

Bitter?  Yep, he is.

Me too.

However, I bring you the news, he doesn’t.  He creates it.  He choses it.  You/we are controlled by people who think it’s 1986.  It isn’t.

Reicher High, whatever happened, the people know and you’d best stop the secrecy game.

Witherspoon, it’s an insult to anyone who’s gone to jail or prison, you enjoyed generational revenges with the rest of them, now it’s your turn.

Except you’re somebody, another secret cog in a wheel that grinds the real people of this county into the ground with anger.

They control the news with the permission of the news here and you know it.

It’s never spoken, it’s gone on so long they don’t even have to talk.

Well, now it’s on film and on record.

We see you, all of you.


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