For those of you who have, for the last 25 years, been hated and written about, AND your family members, with great glee by Tommy Witherspoon of the Waco Trib, it would seem the tables have turned and now,  HIS son is in trouble, is he?,  whoops, NO, he isn’t.  Seems Michael Witherspoon, girls volleyball coach was doing some mighty creepy stuff with a camera and the girls volley ball team.  Of course, this never happens to the “them” of the County, and it seems Tommy Witherspoon and maybe his son are now “thems” thanks to the news they put in and the news that’s kept out.

Rumors have swirled for days that Coach Michael Witherspoon,  dubbed,  “coach creepy” by the girls of Reicher has left.  Of course, as with everything else, they’ve covered up the real reasons.

There are those Waco must save and those who get thrown to the lions.

Which are you?



Subject: Dear Reicher Community

Parents and Students,

This is to notify you that Coach Michael Witherspoon has resigned his positions with Reicher Catholic High School. I would like to thank Coach Witherspoon for his years of service and contributions to Reicher. We all pray that God will bless him as he moves onward.

Coach Robert Gough, current US History and Economics & Government teacher, will teach World History for the remainder of the year. Coach Tyler Holcomb will teach World Geography and Strength & Conditioning for the remainder of the year. Coach Holcomb taught World Geography the two years he was employed at Reicher previously.


Mindy Taylor


St. Louis-Reicher Catholic School



Michael Witherspoon, circled in red, with his many stepbrothers at another of his dad’s many weddings.


PS.  Hey, Tommy, maybe you shouldn’t have been such a DICK to everyone.


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