Who gets justice and who doesn’t


Nikki Pittman sold some fake stuff out of                                                                                          her own home goes to slammer

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Sheriff McNamara wishing his little buddies would stop but they don’t.

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Judge Felipe Reyna, threatening calls, texts, from his own number and Reyna Wholesale Beads, for almost a year now.  Got award from Masons last month.  Sheriff goes to event to keep poor Felipe from hurting people.  Right?

Felipe Reyna award            c

John Lewis,  attorney, Sheriff’s people say he’s one of the ones calling people and doing the texting,  his number comes up.  No problem.

Abel Reyna, bribed people,  Sheriff’s got the case

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Damon Reed,  formerly Reed and Reyna,  first address the phone company gave out was “Reed and Reyna”, too bad Sheriff doesn’t question him.


Sherre Johnston, no charges burglary of Sheriff’s shed, going to jail drunk, pill up twat at jail, threats,  no problem.


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