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The Third Court of Appeals Published the Chaney “bite mark” Opinion,  David Wayne Spence’s Appeal can’t be far behind!!

January 13, 2019

Right now,  Vic Feazell is writing about how the Lake Waco Triple Murder “controversy” won’t go away because his ex wife BernadetteFeazell/HarryStorm,  misses him and still loves him so much she just can’t let go of the Lake Case to punish poor Vic.  Truman Simons,  well,  he’ll bore you to tears with his story but he won’t ever tell you why he had Gilbert Melendez’s truck shredded over at Lipshitz.  Neither of these two will entertain for one iddy biddy minute that they were wrong,  either.

Unfortunately for Vic,  who used to be a very brilliant and well read lawyer,  especially when it came to Appellate Appellate decisions.    Seems now, though that Vic doesn’t bother commenting on the recent Third Court of Appeals decision in Chaney that left the Chaney case,  and the Lake Waco Triple Murder virtually in the sewer.  Gone Gone.  Bye Bye.

See the Third Court says that what Homer Campbell did in the Steven Chaney case (yes,  THAT Homer Campbell from Spence 1,  Spence 2, Juanita White, and other bite mark cases), was so egregious that the bite mark evidence totally trumps NINE EYEWITNESSES,  yes,  9.

They ran old DNA in the Steven Mark Chaney case and it matched someone else,  this,  after Chaney was already on death row for 23 years.  The Innocence Project People noticed that bite marks were their leading reversal for DNA.  Bite marks.  Bite marks and one very naughty Homer Campbell.

|The Third Court of Appeals that affirmed Chaney is where the David Wayne Spence appeal is and has been for about two years.  Right behind Chaney,   you have Spence.





Sons of man executed for Lake Waco Murders sue Texas

Jason and Joel Spence claim their father and the other three suspects in the case were all innocent.

The surviving sons of David Spence, who was convicted and sentenced to death for two of the three homicides that made up the 1982 Lake Waco Murders, have filed a lawsuit against the State of Texas.

Jason and Joel Spence claim their father and the other three suspects in the case were all innocent.

“The State of Texas, by and through its employees, agents, and representatives withheld evidence, destroyed evidence, coerced untruthful confessions, utilized junk science, bribed witnesses, fraudulently concealed the foregoing and knowingly convicted not one, but four individuals,” argues the lawsuit, which was filed in Travis County District Court.

Brothers Gilbert and Anthony Melendez took plea bargains in the case. But, the lawsuit claims their confessions were coerced, untrue and have since been recanted. Muneer Deeb, who prosecutors painted as the mastermind was found “not guilty” after initially being sentenced to death.

“It is intellectually inconsistent and dishonest to convict David, Gilbert, and Tony when Deeb, the purported mastermind, was in fact not guilty,” the lawsuit states.

Dallas-based attorney Jay English, who is representing the Spence sons, claims David maintained his innocence until his execution in 1997.

The lawsuit claims tapes recorded in McLennan County District Attorney Vic Fezell’s office reveal prosecutors lacked evidence and colluded with court-appointed defense attorneys.

The Lake Waco murders happened on Tuesday, July 13, 1982. The victims were three teenagers: Kenneth Franks, 18, of Waco; along with his ex-girlfriend, Jill Montgomery, 17, of Waxahachie; and one of Montgomery’s close friends Raylene Rice, 17, of Waxahachie.

Their bodies were discovered the next evening in Speegleville Park — across the lake from Koehne Park, where police interviews and testimony suggested they planned to purchase drugs, the lawsuit states.

The lawsuit demands compensation for wrongful imprisonment, attorney fees and full pardons for the defendants.

Here is the Steven Mark Chaney Story and recent decision





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