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           I confess,  I’m angry

One of my friends sent me a post by Vic Feazell aka.  Brian Lewis about me/Harry it’s badly written and not funny but I posted it below with Vic/Brian’s website in case you want some boring alcohol fueled evidence of guilt.


Remember,  even though I had the “young Elvis”,  I never fell for the “mistaken identity” crap and the State of Texas (Vic)  actually  dropped it.  “Mistaken Identity” didn’t even come up in David Spence’s  Bryan trial as Vic realized how fu*king stupid it was.

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Talks to Jan Thompson as Brian Lewis,  won’t tell her the truth,  wonders why I’m mad

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I’m mad because when this shit happened,  I/we told you and Truman that Jill and Gayle did NOT look alike.  I/we told you that this couldn’tve happened at Koehne Park.

But nooooooooooo,   you had to be right.  Noooooooooo.  Jill Montgomery with a 42 inch chest looked just like flat chested skinny Gayle Kelley.  NO.  No then,  no now.

I’m angry because none of us could fucking stop you.

I’m angry that I didn’t realize that NONE of the three,  Jill, Kenneth, Raylene, had blood on them from anyone but themselves.

I’m also angry that you’re not angry this happened so f*ck you.

I’m angry that Jan Thompson can’t realize Brian Lewis is Vic Feazell and you won’t tell her the truth either.  She’s going to do some big tell all,  good,  hope she can tell us why she tried to sell that tape she has of Dannen to TEXAS MONTHLY and for how much.  Oh,  she still has it,  aren’t you Vic/Brian lucky?

So,  thank your “faithful few” on December 28th.  the Texas Forensics Commission is kind of like the Honey Badger,  they’re not going to care about anyone’s widdle historical feelings just evidence.

I’m angry you put Gregory Feazell in jail when you had “Abel in your pocket” and it didn’t work out for you.  You put your own son in jail to shut me up about the Lake Murder.  Yes,  you did.

You,  like Abel and the others,  got sloppy with the overkill.

Maybe you should have stopped when you had Greg arrested in front of me on purpose.

You had power over me as long as our son was in the United States. YOU created this with meanness and showing off power.

I’m mad you don’t believe in DNA in this case.  You think I’m embarrassing?

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Questions??? I Have Plenty!!!

I will finish this rant by repeating I should not speak for Mrs. Thompson, she is such a nice and classy lady to go on a rant like this, I just feel it is necessary for the people that are honestly interested in finding the truth, they should hear the whole story not justt the musings of an angry ex-wife, i.e. Bernadette Feazell/Harry Storm.


Wacopedia:  REpissed:  used in a sentence,  “Harry is repissed after writing this.”

Texas Forensics Commission tick tock tick tock





  1. Seasons greetings to the faithful few, it’s been awhile probably too long but things have been slow, all I’ve been able to do is contact people that say they are not the people I’m looking for, that’s always fun spending the time tracking some one down and thinking you finally have been able to find them only to be told they aren’t the person I was looking for, total bummer. So that’s been my life the last couple months. Until today, the gift that keeps on giving returned, yes that would be crazy Bernadette Feazell/Harry Storm. And as you all know I usually don’t post nor reply to her craziness but she did say something new today that definitely needed attention. I don’t think she even has enough sense to realize what she said, the anger and bitterness she still holds inside because her ex-husband moved on to better things has left her blinded to reality. So in keeping with the season I thought I would be nice and try to help her see the reality and truth she just can’t grasp. Here is what Bernadette Feazell/Harry Storm wrote in one of her last post:

    “Perhaps Truman Simons will have some new theory, “we always knew there were four more killers”, or something akin to that”.

    Really, Bernadette this is the first time I’ve seen you admit there were four other killers, I’m not sure if they actually took part in the killing but they were involved some how. Sister I’ve been preaching this for about 20 years now, it’s so obvious. Do the names Clifford Oliver, Todd Childers, John Arnett Jr. and Cal Frazier mean anything to you? Yes the same boys that were with David Spence that night. The Clifford Oliver that lied during his Grand Jury testimony and Vic Feazell and Ned Butler both knew this and commented on it but some how it all got swept under the rug. Even months later when Clifford and Todd were testifying during David’s first trial they couldn’t keep their stories straight even though the State had months to prep them for their testimony. And whom were the Mexican men in the white truck the boys ran into when they went to Koehne Park that night, that Todd testifies to?

    Bernadette/Harry, I know you like to run a publicity stunt of putting out lies and disinformation as you have tried to do with Gilbert’s white truck and saying that truck wasn’t in running order at the time. It was proven in court that wasn’t the case, Calvin Nesbitt was confused in his time line, he believed Gilbert brought the truck to his house at the beginning of June and Gilbert’s stepfather picked up the truck a bout a couple months later after Gilbert had been arrested. Well we know Gilbert couldn’t have brought the truck to the house in June because he didn’t buy it until July 3rd and we also know Gilbert wasn’t arrested until after Labor Day and that”s when his step father came and got the truck. Bernadette/Harry I know you don’t have any answers for any of this so I will move on.

    There was something else you wrote that got my attention and I have some questions about. You wrote,”Unlike the rest of us, Anthony Melendez had a hard time giving up on Waco Attorney Walter Reaves, but once he made his decision and hired Mr. English he spent the rest of his days with a lot more relief and the knowledge that even though he would be gone, the truth would someday come out. Jay English has no idea the happiness, faith, and comfort he brought to Tony and the people who believed in his innocence”.

    Yes there were people that had some doubts and yes maybe even put faith in Tony’s innocence. People mostly led by the schemes put forward by people like you (Bernadette Feazell/Harry Storm) and Fred Dannen, parties that were more interested in their own agendas like money and revenge much more than the truth and justice. I feel fortunate that I was never one of those people that put any credence in anything you said, from the very beginning it was obvious you were guided by anger and jealously, it would be better to be led through hell by Helen Keller. So I haven’t been one of those that believed in the innocence of those convicted and I probably should not try to speak for some of those I know that did give time and heartfelt reflection on the convictions of David, Gilbert and Tony. Those people are more reserved and more dignified, maybe their silence speaks volumes but then there are people out there like you that will trample those good people with your lies, distorted facts and misinformation. Bernadette/ Harry you know one person I am talking about and I hope I don’t upset her by trying to talk for her now but we all know she listened to your and Fred Dannen’s stories, she had faith, she had questions prior to your involvement and she carefully listened to your side of things, she even started communicating with Tony, again Bernadette/Harry you know you initiated this contact. Well the years have gone by she put aside the grievances in her own family over this whole tragedy, she put faith in you and Fred and she got nothing, she still has the same questions, what do you say to her? You know I’m talking about Mrs. Thompson and I know you don’t have anything useful to say to her. And this is what I can’t understand; some one like you that bloviates about truth and justice as much as you does so little in the way of trying to find it actually you stand as an obstacle to the truth. To prove my point let me ask you a couple questions.

    Bernadette could you tell me in the many years that Mrs. Thompson had contact and communications with the Arnett’s, something you helped initiate by asking Mrs. Thompson to talk to Tony, they never mentioned to her that John Jr. was with David Spence that night?

    Or why did the Arnett’s try to tell Mrs. Thompson Gilbert never had a truck, we know that is a lie.
    Or why don’t the Arnett’s talk to Mrs. Thompson now, after years of communication, now she has some questions they don’t want to answer they don’t have time for her. Does that sound like people that are interested in the truth?

    I will finish this rant by repeating I should not speak for Mrs. Thompson, she is such a nice and classy lady to go on a rant like this, I just feel it is necessary for the people that are honestly interested in finding the truth, they should hear the whole story not justt the musings of an angry ex-wife, i.e. Bernadette Feazell/Harry Storm.

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