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Phil Reyna thinks the Waco Tribune Herald AND it’s top fat boy reporter,  TOMMY WITHERSPOON suck.  I thought at first they blamed the ass chewing by the sleeping Judge,  ole Doug Shaver.  When Shaver came out with his remarks about Abel Reyna and said that he,  (Shaver) had seen Abel’s FACEBOOK page,  we couldn’t believe it.  Doug Shaver actually knows what FACEBOOK is!  WOW  Too bad he didn’t know what the “Speedy Trial Act” was.  Oh, well,  enjoy.



Tommy Witherspoon Veteran Courthouse Reporter

Image result for Tommy Witherspoon


  1. Are ALL the jurist Reyna’s delusional? He kinda sounds like Hillary here…”everybody was out to get me”, or “It was those DEPLORABLES”. Or all they fans of cocaine?

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