Wow,  the Trib is still at it,  another Sunday Editorial against Reyna.  FINALLY!  It took them forever to get their heads out of their collective butts to figure out the people of Waco really did have a legitimate beef with the DA.  Reyna pissed on the boots of one of the editors and old time reporter Tommy Witherspoon up front and personal as they sat at the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame listening.  He called the paper a “rag” and “fake news”.

THIS made them mad,  not the TWIN PEAKS bullshit,  not the cocaine rumors, not the more than obvious favoritism that people have TOLD THEM about year after year,  no, it took the personal pissing to get their attention.  NOW,  the’re butt hurt.

They call Ralph Strother “venerable” again,  strange word for Baptists who reserve those words for God above.  Nope,  we have one here,  little Ralphie.

The first time I saw it,  without my glasses,  I thought it said,  “Vegetable Judge Ralph Strother”,  which is more like it as he sat by and became just another part of the problem time after time.

In past times,  and believe me,  I know,  the Trib would have been “all over” this DA,  cars would be speeding down the Interstate checking to see if there was a Grand Jury investigation in Austin.  Calls would be made,  backs would be up against the wall.

Not anymore.

Too little too late?  You bet it is.  While you are on a bus or car to go to visit your loved one in jail remember those pampered, petted, and over educated “endangered species” called the Reyna favorites.

Money and greed and ego got us here and NO ONE,  not the Trib,  not our idiot elected officials said one damned word.

SUDDENLY we have a succession of editorials against the man who lets the few precious rich people go,  or better yet,  installs drug treatment programs to help those with dead girls in the hot tub.

Thank you for waking up, now hold other County Officials and buddies accountable.  This corruption does not exist on its own,  this means those who “stand by and let it happen too”.

Let the Courthouse know the lights at the Trib are back on.

Encourage younger men and women to run for public office again and remember how free speech keeps them all on their toes and makes them better.

I’ve never heard anything bad about Judge Vicki Meynard,  the courthouse could use more estrogen.



“If Waco had just one real Journalist,  we wouldn’t need the FBI”

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  1. Having been very privy of the good ole boys SO of the 90’s, it was favor’s, extra privileges, no matter if in the city or not, it could always be worked out,it didn’t make it to the DA, the only difference.

    I can’t speak of what it’s like now but I believe we have the best law enforcement officials
    and force of any county in Texas but when I get my 5th post card for Abel Reyna’s reelection and it has the photo of a guy he’s actively prosecuting, or a local news station that didn’t give him permission to use it, either has total immunity from any possible criminal charges for making this thing such HIS cluster fuck other agencies involvement would get overlooked.

    I expect Parnell to have a huge week, maybe another fender bender photo grab, or CaptainDetectiveCaommder Craig List sxygrl15msgme catches 139 people that responded to a message he sent. Dirty Dirty scoundrels, Sherry now, tisk tisk the dirty she holds, thicker then honey.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Brad, Craigslist is very strange and I guess full of perverts, I tried to sell a sofa and got a dick pic. Can’t wait to see Abel throw a little pissy fit when he loses this thing.

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