“If this town had one decent journalist we wouldn’t need the FBI”


      It took the unanimous cheering of 700 people to wake these people up.

But not much,  Tommy Witherspoon their “Veteran Reporter”,  might be calling Abel’s numbers but he certainly doesn’t care much for Public Information Requests.  Most all of the information Citizens are receiving is from others uncovering the truth via Public Info.  Ask RSG.  Take a look at the “AG’s Opinions”,  he’s fought the DA’s office to get while Witherspoon just sits in the courtroom,  obviously,  pissed off to even be there.

The Tribune Herald certainly didn’t take “No” for an answer when it got transcripts of a Medical Board years ago.  It’s Tommy’s pick and choose.

See,  ever since Tommy cost the Trib around hmmm,  please correct me,  Tommy,  if I am wrong but,  $13 million dollars?  THAT made him a “permanent employee” and probably not the happiest.  Unfortunately,  the SALON article and the one in the HUFFINGTON POST by Texan Jim Bob Moore,  didn’t make it to Waco or the paper.  Wonder why?

Here is the link for the Salon article.


Tommy Witherspoon post by Harry



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The Citizens of Waco have had NO PLACE to send documents,  no place to “Tell”,  the trust people have in their Courthouse and their Newspaper is non existent.  Tommy Witherspoon is someone people have learned not to talk to,  not just Abel.  How many stories do Jim Parks,  Harry Storm,  All for 1, RADIOLEGENDARY, AbelReyna.com put out there?  Daily.  Why?  People come to the Citizen Bloggers because we have no paper that writes anything difficult anymore and a reporter who refuses documents people try to give him.  Is Retirement the only way to clean up this city?  Please,  retire.




Abel Reyna mocked them into saying something,  during Carrizal,  Tommy never even asked Reyna anything,  the whipped puppy shouldn’t stop trying.  have you put up with that from anyone else?  Oh,  hell no.  Reyna,  ok?  Now,  the only laugh Reyna got was at your expense.  Wake the hell up.


                        Today’s OPINION in the Trib



Thank you for this Trib,  get mad,  get active,  join the fight against the “secrets” that rule and will bankrupt our city.



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