Another word for this is “Enabler”,  you may like the status,  I get it.  Used to love giving a check without having to show a driver’s license.  However,  times have changed.  You need to be stronger because there is more media attention and even though your menfolk have Tommy Witherspoon in their pocket,  even THE ATLANTIC has your men’s #.  All the people at church today smiling at you are walking away knowing you’re either stupid or it’s okay with you.

Charlotte.  Is it okay with you?  Did you give Parnell an ultimatum to arrest Sherre or sleep in the shed?  You’re the one that urged him to run,  we all remember,  and,  for all intents and purposes he’s the stuff of Legends.  TEXAS MONTHLY,  television,  you name it,  he’s Smacked the McName into the Academy Awards.  You thought this was a good idea,   maybe it wasn’t.  Maybe him sitting in the truck on his land just looking out for long periods of time is because he has screwed the pooch.  He can’t prosecute Sherry,  that ship has sailed and he doesn’t have the nads to tell you.  See,  he’s scared of you,  Charlotte,  new house, doesn’t want to share that retirement.   It’s hard when a husband gets caught in a lie,  especially that first time.  He moved his dead or dying brother,  hell,  they’ve all lied so much it’s like a box of cat litter.

TRUTH OR DARE,  he’s part of the problem and it’s big,  he lied to the public because he’s a fucking McNamara.  Well,  after dead brother that doesn’t mean much anymore,  being laughed at is rough.  I have been there,  done that and gotten the t shirt.  The difference between this situation and Vic Feazell is that the people loved Vic and the Establishment hated him.  Here the Establishment loves the Mc’s but the people who have been fucked by them in and out of jail for years,  do not.  We dare you to get the truth or get him out,  some pretty Christian woman story about spending quality time with the kiddies,  who cares,  no more.

You have more Nads at this point than he does Charlotte,  kick some ass.  We know you’re smart and not pushed around.  Don’t find yourself apologizing to people for not doing anything years later.

HALSTON REYNA:  Well,  the first thing we need to tell you is ALANON.  Better yet,  the definition of COCAINE INVINCIBILITY. The first person Abel Reyna called after he found out about TWIN PEAKS was his drug dealer,     ANDRE VILLARREAL


Some of the effects that may be experienced after taking cocaine include: immediate rush, feelings of euphoria; feelings of invincibility; a sense of wellbeing; increased talkativeness or quiet contemplation and rapture; increased confidence and a feeling of invincibility; feelings of great physical strength and mental capacity …

We only feel a little sorry for you.  Why?  Because Harry’s adopted.  Harry’s knows what’s up in your world.  Hell,  Harry’s aunt turned out to be his mom and he just found out this year.  You and Abel and Abel’s brother and a young woman did some shenanigans that has pissed Harry off to a new level.  It is out of knowing that Clint Broden would chew me out that I don’t go further with this but know everyone,  including me,  knows what you did and Kharma is a real bitch.
Isn’t it clever how our politicians have their little secrets?  The rumor you heard is true.  No shit.  Who knew,  me too.  I coudln’t believe it but….sure enough.
Halston is rather a ruthless little real estate agent too,  opportunistic since she became Mrs. AR.  Big friends with the great Bill Nesbitt,  the “Bill Miller” of banking here.  Someone’s not going to heaven.
By the way,  Bill Johnston knows all about it since it was his testimony,  alone,  that got a new Grand Jury in Austin to indict Vic Feazell.

or’if 1 1 3 payments – Vic Feazell

district attorney a third of their legal fees in cases Feazell personally dismissed or reduced from May 29, 1984, to April 10, 1985. Feazell, 36, is charged in a 10-count federal indictment with accepting just more than. $19,000 in illicit payments from defense attor~ neys for leniency for their clients. He is also charged with …

It’s hard waiting for an indictment the Feazells waited two years.  Smiling on the outside ready to die or kill or God knows what on the inside.  Of course,  the trouble is also very bonding when you        think you’re right.
Problem is,  Waco rumors are generally true.  I sometimes have people tell me horrendous stories about what Vic and Truman did,  see Vic,  Truman, and Sherre Johnston are ONE person.  Hell,  you can’t hurt Vic Feazell the multi millionaire,  he’ll hurt you though,  he’s the “I’ll sue you” of the duo Truman and Vic,  Truman is the “I”ll kill you” of the two.  Ask anyone.
“I’d like to thank God and thank my lawyer,  Gary Richardson”,  Vic said after he was acquitted while his wife who stood behind him looked on and didn’t even notice until her own son had to TELL her 18 years later that she was left out of anything but work even back then.
Who knew??
The 80’s and FBI indictments etc. were horrible but now you have social media,  all the TWIN PEAKS folks,  you,  Halston know that was a fuck up,  bet those phone records of him calling his drug dealer first,  then the other outlaws pissed you off.  Is he having secret meetings with Andre still?  How about the others?  Does him meeting with them just drive you nuts.  I remember.
Harry heard all this cocaine stuff but didn’t really believe it,  however,  in the courtroom Abel was jickey,  sweaty, and during jury selection at the annex seemed to be rather dehydrated,  even walking twice for bottled water during the process.
Your legal problems can’t go away for $15,000 but Harry has proof that the legal problems of others could.  
Solution for Halston?  Ship him off to rehab make some kind of bye bye deal,  hell, look at Sherre Johnston,  get saved, save money, move,  sell someone else’s house and get the hell out of Dodge.  Talk to Governor Abbott,  make a deal,  pretend it’s “for his own good” or whatever the hell,   call LaHacienda and it’s all forgotten when the next guy comes in and dismisses this shit called TWIN PEAKS.
He can come back,  give an interview and documentary like Art Briles and Christians like we have here will give him millions!
My god you’re dumb.  The last time I saw you you were huffing at me like you were going to hurt me by hitting me with your washed up ballerina foot.  I remember the day we all waited for you to check out of La Posada.  CHRIST,  you didn’t know how to check out of a motel until Daddy Vic went and did it for you,   embarrassed by the way.  When Vic Feazell put Greg Feazell in jail on a felony,   that little ditty was your idea,  or,  at least that’s what he is crying to friends.  Well,  via the wild Blowjob Sheriff that you represented and the wife you wouldn’t hire because she “smoked too much”.  Anyway,  he knew that was fucked up and would land him in hot water with Harry,  and yep,  it did.  Christmas out of town looked good as Waco residents know what a crook and bastard your cartoon husband is,  they know he would ruin the life of his only son not to have to share money with another pissed off woman too.  YOU know it all, yet you just go to Nordstrom’s and forget.  GHB,  you were there.  Tina?  Nancy?  Remember when Vic knocked out his own sister?  That was good.  Red teddy?  Jana’s ring for crying out loud,  you wanted him and that money above all.  Well,  you got it but now you can’t take it anywhere because EVERYONE knows what Vic did.
Harry is free and you are free to fuck up with Harry’s kid again but I suggest you begin to urge your husband to be a father.  All those pictures,  now that Greg’s gone I have no reason to have any mercy.
The next time someone smirks at you and him in public………that’s me.
You may remember those who remember,  Benjamin,  Pinkie,  Jana,  on Windsor,  Julie,  almost drowned in his GHB bath tub.
You let Vic say that Greg got GHB from some boyfriend of Harry’s and you know better, bitch.
Let’s see what killer diller Rosenthal has to offer from the Federal pen.
The similarities between the Abel Reyna situation and what happened to Vic in 1986 filled the Christmas Party of the Bar Association minutes after he left.
“Look at him,  now,  look at me”………………………………Harry
“Women suffer for what men do”……………….Mary Ann Hall to Harry Christmas 1999
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