You fuckers killed Harry’s shrink

From Cub reporter curious,  full of life and vigor,  to fat ass hat set in stone,  you,  Tommy are #14.  So is your little paper.  You think Harry is nuts,  maybe so,  but if you remember you and your paper killed Harry’s head shrink,  Jim Jolliff a few years back.  Remember him?  Spattered brains on the Hillcrest heliport,  Jolliff.  The one you wrote about daily without mercy, until he couldn’t stand humiliating his family any longer?  Yeah, you fuckers drove my shrink to his death.  I liked him too.  Everyone did.  Oh, well.  You also did a big enough number on Margaret Mills,  she,  the only female you bothered with went to Gatesville,  all the menfolk just walk.  You have a Baylor couple and an obvious bribe,  Hell,  Tommy must remember when Guy Cox was rumored to have bribed Vic Feazell.

Did you forget when Feazell named Guy Cox,  Henry Lee Lucas’ lawyer?  Guess so.

You didn’t forget to be an asshole.  When Harry got stuck having to sit by your fat ass at the Courthouse,  YOU,  audibly got pissed off,  turned red,  and said,  out loud,

“No,  No, Noooooo”,  Tommy Witherspoon.

You don’t get to do that.  Well, guess you forgot.  Your journalism ethics certainly fell apart after that story Jim Bob Moore did on you for SLATE.COM and the Huffington Post.  We do.  You changed after that.  Maybe it was the Davidian thing,  maybe it was living with Dan Maloney.  Maybe it’s the alcohol.  Your cauliflower nose,  red face,  and screaming liver (which God knows I enjoyed) have poisoned you and made you an ass.  Maybe it’s the three wives leaving you.  We don’t care.

When Truman Simons shredded that truck,  Harry told you.  I am sure whatever home spun toothpick in the mouth Truman Simons story he told you was gawddamned good enough for you.  Better yet,  ass monkeys usually don’t bother asking.  Did you?

You sat through ALL the trials,  you,  didn’t even get curious about Truman Simons shredding Gilbert Melendez’s truck?  Nope.

Retirement.  You know the days of your retirement like a prisoner in Huntsville.  You need to go home.

Harry was frankly worried about having to give your fat ass mouth to mouth as you huffed and puffed in the courtroom.   You’re fat,  you’re mean as hell,  you called Harry a liar more than once just for sport and you suck.  You are a 14 year old boy that gets together with his ONE friend,  Truck Shredder,  T.S     TRUMAN SIMONS,  and that’s your thing.  Harry figured that Biker lawyer,  Bill Morian,  sitting on the other side of your fat ass could decide.  We think you’ve been somewhat dead for a long time.  Your “investigataive journalism” surely is.

You surround yourself with ass kissers and you are one.  You also love KWTX,  hell,  long time love affair there.

You called me a liar,  put my son’s pic in your paper,  didn’t include the dismissal,  fuck you.

How you sat in TWIN PEAKS trial and saw a totally different version of what was going on in front of you is beyond everyone’s belief.  You were also so cozy with everyone,  you just did whatever you wanted to do,  go look at evidence,  your suck up buddies didn’t stop you but all the CITIZENS who blogged noticed.

Must have chapped your butt to FINALLY put pieces in the paper citizens like AGING REBEL,  WACKO IN WACO,  ABELREYNA.COM,  and your old admirer Harry put into social media first.   Think we don’t have the numbers?  You out there giggling thinking the old Trib is cleaning up.  You are wrong.  Harry’s blog has 76,000.  By ten o’clock tonight Denmark knows you suck.

You pulled the fight out of a lot of people,  but not everyone.You are a bad reporter now,  and a bad friend,  you helped Reyna by not listening,  not questioning,  by being egotistical and satisfied with yourself counting the hours to when you retire and can drink full time.

Bite me.  Still mad?  Me too.  Harry

You fuckers killed my shrink,  he was a great man!

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12 thoughts on “#14 TOMMY WITHERSPOON

    1. Harry had to light one up after writing that and decided he doesn’t even need a shrink since getting all that off his chest. They killed his shrink, remember?

  1. I bet that did feel good to get off your chest.. Take a deep breath, let it out, because #14 is choking for air after reading this.. Your awesome B…

    1. Someone wrote that quote about if we had one Journalist and I thought, wow, that’s the best I’ve heard this year, so I stole it. Had to. They think we’re all dumb. That’s why I get mad.

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