You know the town’s a buzzin’ and those who rule us from their monied positions of power in this Baptist town when the Waco Tribune Herald,  the bastion of truth, veracity, and handpicking of what is and isn’t news,  finally figured out Abel Reyna is in deep doo doo.    Guess they’dve noticed sooner had they had a honest reporter out in the field, but even Tommy Witherspoon couldn’t save his buddies from this one.  His red gin nose couldn’t sniff out a new lead if it had to.  Hadn’t been for the Citizen bloggers and internet,  foks in Waco would have believed the bullshit totally.  What Tommy Witherspoon likes,  he gets,  if he doesn’t like you he can ruin you,  label you “liar” all by himself and the people at the paper don’t seem to mind.

It’s like having a person with mental illness in your home,  you’re married and you’re stuck until,  well, in this case,  Tommy’s liver goes out or he retires bitterly somewhere.  NONE of the tv stations outted any of the rich and famous here who got the DWI’s or other charges,  nope,  the gods and goddesses of the Cotton Palace Pageant are still immune from their NAMES being in the paper with such crime.  We are all clean and godlike and don’t drink much at all.  Nope.

CNN even did a story on the bikers,  which Reyna used in Court, the excerpts were clear and very telling.  The man in the yellow helmet didn’t do anything.  You can see it,  yep,  that’s Carrizal.  Go to YOUTUBE and see it yourself.  Reyna allows a witness to talk about a “big dirty Harry gun”  making you think Carrizal had a .45 or some huge boreing weapon,  hope  two shot Derringer.  I felt cheated.  Reyna had me on the edge of my seat with a vague and well placed LIE.  Ooops,  Pam’s Dream in an unpopular ending of DALLAS years ago.

Shame on the Waco Tribune Herald,  what a piece of work.  Years ago they ragged poor Jim Jolliff,  a local headshrink who had had sexual adventures with a local attorney’s wife,  Marsha Buenger,  remember that one?  Trib wrote about Jim Jolliff’s embarrassing Hearing in Austin daily.  Culminating in Jim Jolliff killing himself with a shotgun on the heliport of Hillcrest Hospital.  I liked Jim Jolliff too.

FINALLY,  they woke up.  Recon they can send Fat Boy Tommy to interview a few of the people who got off these charges?  How about Sammy Citrano?  Easy to find,  Kim Falcone,  others.  Get real.

Tribune Herald today wrote a watered down editorial,  “drain the swamp”,  another Trump ism that has no meaning.  Draining the swamp here is going to take the FBI or law enforcement.  Not the Sheriff who moved his dead or dying baby brother out of the arms of his girlfriend either.  Not our sad Waco cops who just keep getting USED by the DA and other law enforcement like pawns,  at least they are good shots.

Get Gin Nose Witherspoon to ask Michael Jarrett if he’s used that burner phone to call the FBI lately?

If there’s an investigation,  let the public know,  if there’s an FBI agent out there taking names,  put out the word,  plenty of people are willing,  mad and able to tell all they know.

Drain the swamp?  Identify the Swampees in your Editorial,  you are still kissing rich folks ass by keeping their names out.



In the criminal justice system, the district attorney has more far-reaching powers than any other figure, given that some 95 percent of felony convictions arise from guilty pleas, resulting in prosecutorial discretion rather than that of judges or juries. Thus it’s critical that whoever occupies the post of district attorney be beyond reproach on all ethical and moral levels. And that’s why the sworn affidavit by one of McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna’s former prosecutors should be exceedingly worrisome to every law-abiding citizen.


  1. Dr. Joliff may have done wrong. It is not for us to judge. That said, he was hounded to death for nothing.

    1. He was a lovely man. The paper couldn’t get enough of it, now we can’t even get the testimony of people who want to tell the truth about something far bigger. Whatever he did was foolishness had he not been a Dr. it would have never been looked at a minute by the paper. He was so funny. Thank you for your comment. Jim Joliff did much more good than harm, that’s for sure.

  2. Dr. James Jolliff was a wonderful, brilliant, an extremely compassionate man! I believe that he was drawn into a trap. He was so wonderful that others wanted to see him suffer! As the saying goes, people in glass houses should not throw stones. The Public needs to know what a tremendous and truly charitable man Dr. Jolliff was. His death will always be viewed as an absolutely unnecessary travesty!

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