Just within the last six months,  they are still ALL together.   Protecting one another by hiding the truth from the people of Waco.   Tommy Witherspoon,  disgraced Journalist, even the story about HIS fall from grace with the Davidians hidden from Waco Trib.  No truth here.  In the middle,  one woman,  five DWI’s,  carrying a concealed weapon,  AND the recent burglary of the Sheriff’s shed.  Still free.  No jail time.  FIVE DWI’s.  Simons,  still remaining that “strong silent protector” cowboy thing letting his female friends fight it out on his behalf on Facebook.   All the girls ignoring that he shredded the truck.  Yes,  women are still “Simonized” by the old hero,  and don’t think he doesn’t still love it.  Witherspoon is the font of “no news”,  which is different than “fake news”.  If Witherspoon says it didn’t happen,  guess it didn’t.   Love the control of Baylor and the good old boys here in real life and newspaper.

Connected?  Oh, baby,  years and years.

Here’s that tell tale pic.


Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing and text

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